Give big ideas space to grow

Enter your own space without distractions

The privacy you need to work more effectively

Enter a space where you can let your thoughts flow and concentrate in absolute privacy. The insulating layer reliably absorbs external noise and allows users to create an undisturbed work environment for demanding tasks or important calls at any time.

By combining insulating materials and technology, the booth provides a high standard of soundproofing and comfort at work.

Let as much natural light in as possible

Sunlight has a positive effect on productivity, brain activity, and visual acuity. Thanks to the clear safety glass on both sides, enough natural light enters the booth so users can observe what’sgoing on around them.

Lighting conditions can be further improved with the LED lights installed in the booth.

Fresh air for fresh ideas

Let the booth help clear your mind. The sophisticated ventilation system is automatically switched on by a sensor after users enter the booth, and switched off after exiting. The ventilation technology is fully soundproof as fresh air flows into the booth.

Fully according to your vision

Standing or sitting? Users can work however they see fit. Just place your computer on the workbench and adjust the char for op-timal body position and comfort.

We can customize the colors and accessories of the booth so that it completes the surrounding office space even more effectively.

Easy assembly and quick relocation

Handle the installation of the booth in no time and have it ready for the first calls on the same day. The booth easily adapts to changes in the workplace, making it easy to move to better spots within your current space and even to new offices.

Transport the booth with ease thanks to the 4 wheels on the bot-tom part of the booth.

Perfected to the finest detail

QBooth was created from our own need to create some privacy in a shared space. This timeless Slovak product is the result of a combination of honest handwork, top materials, modern technol-ogy and a keen sense of design. From computer-aided design through CNC manufacturing and assembly – everything takes place in-house.

Technical specification

External Dimensions

114 cm x 117 cm x 228 cm (w, d, h)

Internal Dimensions

90 cm x 103 cm x 204 cm (w, d, h)


285 kg


230 V

Inner material

The construction is made as a sandwich system, where thw mail structural element is birch plywood. Sound insulation is provided by using acoustic Silence Foam with a density of 120kg / m3.

Outer material

Foiled plywood is used for exterior surface, galvanized white sheet 0,55 mm, wooden decoration Rhombus profile Norway spruce, safety glass Stadip silence 8,38 mm with sound absorption 37 dB.